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Cosysense: making shared spaces pleasent and energy efficient

Updated: May 19

There has been a boom in AC purchases in the UK due to heat waves. The changing climate is accelerating this trend at the minute. Today, 7.6% of the electricity carbon footprint in the UK is due to cooling energy in shared spaces. These include hospitality buildings, offices, coworking and retail indoor areas. Are we making good use of AC that justifies paying high electricity bills and high greenhouse emissions? The answer is no.

Most shared spaces set a constant AC temperature like 18 or 21 ºC regardless of who is inside, the outside weather, or the current electricity rate. Interestingly, we found that over 54% of people in shared spaces freeze. You might have been feeling cold yourself sometimes. Check #coldoffice in Twitter to learn about the magnitude of this problem.

We define the temperature sentiment in shared spaces to optimise people's wellbeing and productivity. Using our smart sensors with feedback and AI, we can optimise your AC temperature for everyone and reduce its consumption between 15% and 50%. For most buildings this means thousands of dollars in savings per year. We believe in our technology, so we only charge 50% of your energy savings. We only get paid if you save energy and the planet. It is that simple.

We are a people-first UK tech company. We are now doing our prototype trials entirely for free. Would you like to make your shared space more pleasant and energy efficient? Let's chat!

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